CorelDraw plugin development


VIR Softech has a strong expertise in developing plug-ins for print, publishing, creative and enterprise domains spanning across products such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, CorelDRAW etc.
With some of our team members been part of Adobe InDesign/Illustrator/Acrobat development teams in past, Vir Softech offers best plug-in development services in India. Our deliverables are very high on quality and we offer offshore cost advantage with our development center located in India. Our plug-in development services are great value for money.

Adobe Acrobat Plug-in Development

Acrobat is an application software designed by Adobe Systems, in order to view, create and manage PDF files. Adobe provides third party developers with SDK for development of Plug-ins for Acrobat. In order to automate workflows and increase efficiency of your business process, there may be a need to use some specific features and functionality of Acrobat. To achieve this, the additional software modules are created which are called Acrobat plugins.

Vir Softech provides Acrobat plug-in development services to manage PDF workflows and automating PDF files creation with variuos advance features offered by Acrobat. We offer Acrobat plug-in development using C++ or JavaScript or using a hybrid approach with .api extensions. Therefore, Acrobat plug-ins augment the functionalities of any existing application software, by automating the workflow leading to enhanced productivity.

Some key benefits of Acrobat plugin development:

  • Acrobat SDK integrates with wxWidgets to develop powerful UI components which are cross platform and can co-exist with Acrobat.
  • Helps in automating manual steps and increase productivity
  • Helps simplifying the existing workflow by automation and hence boosting efficiency
  • Acrobat plugins are compatible on both Mac and PC.
  • Cost effectiveness and improved workflow efficiency
Acrobat plugin development

Adobe InDesign Plug-in development

Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software application used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books for print and digital. Adobe InDesign itself offers rich set of features, however at times, additional functionality related to digital publishing may be needed for specific market segment/s. Adobe InDesign functionality can be extended with the help of third party plug-ins. InDesign plug-ins are the perfect tools for an enterprise or publisher looking to transform existing documents into digital publications. InDesign Plug-ins can help with the automation of many production tasks hence increasing the efficiency of production workflow.

We offer InDesign Plug-in development services using Adobe InDesign SDK to meet customer’s specific requirements which may currently not be fulfilled with the existing features in InDesign. We have vast experience in developing InDesign plug-ins on both Windows and Mac OS.

VIR Softech has experience in following areas of InDesign Plugin Development:

  • Workflow Automation and optimization
  • InDesign Scripting Model
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • InDesign Server Integration
  • Web to Print Solutions
  • Variable Data Printing

Advantages of InDesign Plugin Development

  • Increased Worlflow Efficiency
  • Time & Cost saving
  • Easy to install and update
  • Can be developed using both scripts and C++ Interface

Adobe Illustrator Plug-in Development

Adobe Illustrator is a program used by both artists and graphic designers to create vector images. These images will then be used for company logos, promotional uses or even personal work, both in print and digital form. Plugins for Adobe Illustrator help in producing higher quality artwork in lesser time. Adobe Illustrator plugins extend certain functionalities of Adobe Illustrator so as to allow users to enhance specific aspects of their creation. Adobe Illustrator plugins are of great help to professionals as well as amateurs, offering effective workflow solutions.

Vir Softech has experience of developing Illustrator plug-ins for Windows and Mac OS for various segments such as print, imaging, graphics, publishing etc. We Have Illustrator Plugin Development Expertise In the Following Domains:

  • CEP HTML based plugins - CEP HTML is the replacement technology for Flash based extensions
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Color management
  • Imposition
  • Variable Data Printing

Advantages of Illustrator Plugins

  • Produce high quality artwork in lesser time
  • Help in workflow automation and cost saving
  • Enhance prepress productivity
  • Support for additional features like 3D visualization, CAD functionality etc.

CorelDRAW Plug-in development

CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation of Ottawa, Canada. It is one of the most widely used vector graphics editor worldwide. Plugins for CorelDRAW help in extending CorelDRAW functionalities to achieve high efficiency workflows. CorelDRAW plugins can be developed using VBA, VSTA or HTML.

We Have CorelDRAW Plugin Development Expertise In the Following Domains:

  • Printing and Packaging
  • Color management
  • Imposition
  • Variable Data Printing

Sample Projects

  • Illustrator plug-in based on CEP HTML which allows user to create cut paths for their Illustrator content, which can be sent to the cutter device
  • CorelDRAW plug-in to allow users to selectively save their content into separate files. The plug-in provides for multiple content selection filters with a live preview of the filtered selection in VBA user dialog. The actual CorelDRAW document content stays preserved
  • InDesign plug-in to automate imposed PDF creation from a multitude of content formats. The plug-in also allowed for configurable preflight rules to signal out jobs with issues.
  • Acrobat plug-in which allows user to place a graphical image onto specified pages within a PDF document. The image can be placed at a specific position and other attributes like opacity, scaling etc can be set.
  • Acrobat plug-in for automatic merging and splitting of PDF pages. It can also merge PDF templates with existing PDF documents.