Contextual Smart Extraction

Of Image, Text & Index information from various documents types.

Packaging Automation

Based on provided artwork & templates. Automated design for Folding box, Leaflets, Blister packs & others saving significant time.

Plug-ins Development

For Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Acrobat, Photoshop, CorelDRAW.

Custom Solutions Expertise

To improve Process Automation & Pre-press productivity for our Financial, Pharma, BPO & Publishing clients.

Adobe Acrobat Plug-in Development

  • Vir Softech provides Acrobat plug-in development services to manage & enhance PDF workflows and automating PDF files creation with various advance features.
  • We develop plugins using C++ or JavaScript or a hybrid approach with .api extensions both for Mac & Windows.
  • We also develop powerful UI components using wxWidgets that integrates with SDK

Adobe InDesign Plug-in Development

Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software which at times needs additional functionality related to digital publishing for specific market segments or transform existing documents into digital publications & improve process workflow.
We develop plugins using C++, scripting models for
  • Workflow Automation and optimization
  • Web to Print Solutions
  • Variable Data Printing
  • InDesign Server Integration

Adobe Illustrator & CorelDRAW Plug-in Development

Adobe Illustrator & CorelDRAW are used to create vector images for company logos, promotional uses or even personal work.

Vir Softech develops plug-ins in C++, scripts, VBA, VSTA & HTML for Windows and Mac OS – for various segments such as print, imaging, graphics, publishing etc such as

  • CEP HTML based plugins - replacement technology for Flash based extensions
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Color management & Imposition
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Features like 3D visualization, CAD functionality etc

Case Studies

  • Illustrator plug-in based on CEP HTML which allows user to create cut paths for their Illustrator content, which can be sent to the cutter device
  • CorelDRAW plug-in to allow users to selectively save their content into separate files. The plug-in provides for multiple content selection filters with a live preview of the filtered selection in VBA user dialog. The actual CorelDRAW document content stays preserved
  • InDesign plug-in to automate imposed PDF creation from a multitude of content formats. The plug-in also allowed for configurable preflight rules to signal out jobs with issues
  • Acrobat plug-in for automatic merging and splitting of PDF pages. It can also merge PDF templates with existing PDF documents
  • Features like 3D visualization, CAD functionality etc.

Custom Development - Claims for an Insurance Company

Claims processing in an insurance company is a tedious process involving analysis of a large set of documents manually for each claim. In case of medical insurance these documents can run into 100s of pages including pre hospitalization history, prescriptions, medical tests reports, pharmacy bills, hospitalization record, room charges, post hospitalization record and much more.
  • Today, extraction of relevant information from this large set of documents is predominantly a manual process involving large number of resources, high cost and risk of manual errors
  • Vir Softech’s process automation framework enhances the claims processing process by implementing heuristics based distributed machine learning algorithms for:
    • Document categorization
    • Auto indexing
    • Contextual smart data extraction
  • Based on our current projects, this may result in saving 50-80% time/cost for each claim processing cycle

Framework for Packaging Design Automation

Artwork creation for pharma and consumer durable packaging requires manual designing and typesetting using some design software like Adobe InDesign of CorelDraw. Packaging can be of different types such as folding box, blisters, packets, leaflets etc. and different countours.

In case of Pharma & other regulated industries, different regulatory compliance for various countries, a different packaging design needs to be made for various brands shipping to different countries. Due to all such complexities, creation of packaging artwork becomes a tedious and time consuming process for various companies.

Vir Softech’s custom plugins for InDesign and CorelDraw helps to automate the artwork design process to create high quality artwork with 100% accuracy with significantly less number of resources and time.

One of our customers (a global Pharma company) uses our custom InDesign plug-in to automate designing of leaflets and folding boxes for various medicine brands including automated placement of content such as text, images and tables, multi-column alignment, multi language support, font style and paragraph style application, blank space adjustment and many more automated features. This automation resulted in almost 75% reduction in time for designing of a leaflet as compared to manual process